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Food Euphoria and Slurrnunciation by 8th Day Hedonist


Food Euphoria and Slurrnunciation

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I want you all to meet a fellow hedonist. This is Matthew Raiford and I could go on and on about all of the ways that this man is a pleasure seeking sensualist but I will sum it up with the name he has given himself: chefarmer. Yep. Chef, farmer, and an organic farmer working land that has been in his family for over 100 years. I’m going to leave it there because I intend to write a longer piece about Matthew and his dynamic veteran sister Althea who collects degrees like I collect shoes. I’m telling you, some families are just special.

Let’s get to the yummy bit. This is a clip of Matthew talking about a reaction to his grandmother’s sweet potato pie. Talk about the simple pleasures. What I really love is the way Matthew says sweepotatopaaaiii. It’s a pleasure just to hear the sensual slurrrnunciation of a word that clearly means happiness, pleasure, and history to this man. Do you think if we BEG, please Matthew PLEASE, we can get that recipe?

click here to hear Mattew Raiford’s interview http://www.8thdayhedonist.com/?p=492